I simply went up日本熟妇人妻xxxxx有毛

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I simply went up日本熟妇人妻xxxxx有毛

[Forgive me for the English]My mom is the limit of strictness. I mean she is strict about everything. Right from our education, life, choices etc. As a result I usually aced the academics. But on the other hand, I used to be quite traumatized. My clothes were fixed, so was my schedule. I rarely went out to play. I had very less friends. With time, it became a fierce anger aggregating inside me. I wanted to take revenge, always my life but rarely found any opportunity. I had a time bomb ticking inside me.Today I am 16 and still live with her. One day we were watching a movie and there was a kissing scene. I got a boner as usual. Just that she noticed this time. My mom is D cup with 32 inches at the waist. Her ass is really really hot. “What is that?” She asked.“Umm nothing.” I was too embarrassed to explain. She glazed for a moment.“Stand up” she said. I followed her order like a lamb. I had already started to think about the beating and punishment I was about to receive.She came near me and pulled my pants down. Then she pulled my undies down. She bent on her knees and took all in her mouth. I was stunned for a moment. She started moving her mouth to and fro. I started to feel excited and a bit nervous too at the same moment. My dick was in her mouth and she was leaving no stones unturned to make it cum. Needless to say, I was about to cum. She was still moving it frantically, stroking in the most erotic way she could with both her hands around my dick and mouth at the top. I tried to push her away from my dick but she stuck on. I cummed several shots right into her mouth. She drank it all. My dick loosened out. She stood up. I pulled my pants and undies. I was looking into her.“So you cummed in your mom’s mouth, isn’t it?” she asked.“I didn’t intend to, but …”“Did you or not?” She asked me firmly.“Hmm.. “, I was trying to form an explanation for all what happened but she went away without any word. She didn’t scold me or punish me. It went like cutting a cake.From that day, it became a regular thing. Whenever I got a boner, mom blew it off. It was like a routine. I just used to get a boner and she used to blow it off. I didn’t need tv too. A thought used to be enough for some action. Slowly I gained confidence. I knew she was somewhat frustrated and a pervert. A little push won’t make things worse. Also I really really loved her ass and wanted to conquer it. So when the next time she was blowing me, I gently started to stroke her hair. This was weird.“What is it?” she asked me wiping her face.“Well nothing” I said.“Tell me or you know the punishment. You will be grounded for a week” she said.I did not what to say but then I thought that rather than getting grounded for a week, lets take a shot.“Mom, I really want to play with your ass” I asked.“Really, is that what you want?” she asked. She looked furious.I just nodded in affirmative.“Well everything has a price” she said.“Are you ready to get punished?” she asked.“Yes” I replied.She went into the washroom, signaling me to come in. I followed her. I was stunned when I saw what she was doing. She was completely nude and was standing in the shower.“Wash me” she commanded.I started with her legs. I reached down to her toes and started to wash them using my hands. I rubbed her toes, and started to wash towards her knees. Just above my head was her pussy. My eyes fixated on her pussy time to time. The moment I reached her thighs, she turned over without uttering a word. I was facing her ass now. It was as stiff as I had imagined. I took some soap in my hand and started to push one of my fingers in her asshole. Her asshole was very tight and it took me some effort to penetrate inside her. Once I penetrated, I started to massage her asshole. My finger was around an inch deep. I was continuously moving it to dig in deeper. She was calm all the time as if nothing is happening.All of a sudden,人妻免费一区二区三区最新 she stops the shower. She asks me to face her. I pull my hands out of her ass and stand in front of her.“Did you like fingering in?” she asked.“Yes” I answered.“Well take that finger in your mouth” she asked me.I had been scared of her all my life and I was again scared. I simply took that finger in my mouth and started to lick it. It was very clean astonishingly. She bent down again to give me a blow job. She went of out the bathroom pulling me with her. She asked me to lay down on the bed and I complied with her.“You will now have to lick directly” she told me.She squatted down on my face placing her asshole right on my mouth and almost sat down. My tongue had no place to go except the asshole. I stuck out my tongue and started to circle around her asshole. I spitted a little bit and started to spread it around and then lick it back. It was clean. I had two heavens at each side of me with chocolate pie in the middle. All I wanted was to lick and lick and lick the hell out of it.She started to move her ass in all of my face now. My face was getting ass wiped and I was loving it to the core of my heart. She once again bent down to my dick and gave another blowjob. My dick had been hard all the time. Then she got up and sat on the bed. There was some smile on her face too. Apparently she had too enjoyed it.“I liked it” she said instantly.“My pleasure” I replied.Ass licking became a regular thing in the house then. On the dining table, couch, kitchen and may be even in the garage. The moment I saw her bent, I simply went up, pushed down her pants, pulled her hips apart and licked her hole. In the morning, she used to come to me, open her pants squat on me for the lick. I used to finger her as well while licking. She used to give me blowjob in return later.Now I wanted to bang her, pretty hard. I knew that would require some extra punishment on my end each time I would fuck her but I mentally prepared myself. I slowed down my licking fiesta. She was slightly surprised with my move. But slowly from 10-15 times a day, I dropped down to just twice or thrice. I knew she would ask about it someday soon. After 4 days, on the dining table she asked me,“What is up with you?” she asked.“Nothing much, just bored” I replied.“Well I could have give you more but .. “ she stopped.“But what?”I asked.“Well you broke the discipline by bringing down frequency. Also you could have asked for it rather than slowing things down” she replied.“I am sorry. I was a little ashamed to ask for it” I replied.“Well, you can have more of me” she replied.“Ok” I was smiling alrready.“but .. punishments first” she said.“Will start tomorrow morning” she said and went to her room.I had no choice but to go back to bed and wait till the next morning. I knew she will arrange sick punishment. It would be dirty and I might not enjoy it at all but I wanted to bang her all the way.The next morning, I was woken up by her. She was completely nude standing beside me.[I want comment from you guys. For the next part of the story, would you like dirty stuffs {scat, piss} or normal story? Once again forgive for my English]




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