may I cum?""no日本无遮挡吸乳呻吟视频

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may I cum?""no日本无遮挡吸乳呻吟视频

MY SECOND STORY EVER. SO PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT. LET ME KNOW HOW I'M DOING AND IF I SHOULD CONTINUE...MUCH APPRECIATEDHe unlocks his car and gets in.   As he pulls out of his stall and heads towards home, he hear something coming from behind him.  before he can look in his rear view mirror, a hand comes around his mouth.  Another around his neck."drive out of town until I tell you otherwise".  With one look at who it is, he relaxes..just a little and does as he's told.  She says nothing, just looks at him through the mirror while she restrains him to his seat.  She ties him around his waist and then around his chest.  With him secure in his seat, she moves to the front seat.  "where are we going mistress" he asks"just drive baby""yes ma"am"As he continues driving, she instructs him to where he's going and he follows her orders.  She reaches over and slides her hand up his leg.  starting at his knee, she slowly works her way up his thigh.  her other hand is in his hair.  She pulls his head so he's looking at her..."who's good lil boy are you?""your mistress""good boy"She leans in and kisses him behind his ear and down his neck while still running her hand up and down his leg.  She rubs him lightly and just out of reach of his throbbing cock.  then she pulls away.  she leans her chair back and pulls up her very short skirt.  he looks over but she leaves it covered just enough that he cant see her pussy.  She reaches under her skirt and starts rubbing herself.  she looks over at him with a devious smile and continues rubbing slowly.  When she removes her hand he can see that her fingers are wet. He licks his lips.  "you want that baby?""mmm, yes ma'am"she leans over and reaches up towards his lips....then she pulls away and puts them in her own mouth.  "not yet baby" and she puts her hand back under her skirt and starts rubbing again."thats a beautiful sight ma'am""you like that?""yes I do""you want in here babe?""very much mistress"without another word she picks up the pace and rubs harder.  Moaning and squirming in her seat she teases and torments him.  With her other hand, she reaches over and grabs his leg hard and starts to rub up and down his leg again. more forceful this time as she's close to cumming now.  She's driving him wild but he cant move and he knows he cant touch her.  She moans louder and her skirt moves up a lil higher.  He sees she's not wearing panties and this makes him even harder. He goes to reach over to touch her and she stops.  she lets go of his leg and she pulls down her skirt and sits up in her chair."tisk tisk tisk lil know better then that""yes ma'am"He puts his hand back on the steering wheel and looks straight ahead."you're so hard baby""yes I am mistress""turn up here""where are we going?""just up ahead"As he turns the corner, he sees nothing but a chicken trail and a lot of trees.  He drives a little further ahead until it opens up.  There he sees a cabin by a lake.  he pulls up and stops the car.She reaches around and releases him from his restraints."grab the bag in the back and come inside""yes ma'am"she gets out and goes to the cabin and unlocks the front door.  The cabin is small.  1 bedroom.  kitchen, bathroom and sitting area.  There is a dining table just inside to the right of the door.  He places the bags down on the floor.  He follows her into the other room...the bedroom.When he enters, he sees that she's been here already.  has the room set up how she wants it. Restraints on all 4 bed posts, toys on the dresser top.  his excitement grows.  "take off your shirt" she says to him.  He does and drops it on the floor"come over here and sit on the edge of the bed"....he does as he's told.  She kneels down in front of him and runs her hands up and down his chest.  She pulls him in for a hard, passionate kiss.  he grabs her and pulls her close to him.  The kiss grows deeper.  She  slowly reaches down and starts to unbuckle his belt.  He moans in his pleasure.  she pulls away from the kiss and gets his belt open.  She then works on his button and his zipper.  slowly she kisses down his chest to his stomach and down to his navel.  To the top of his jeans.  She pulls them open as she undoes the zipper and she kisses downwards a little more.  She can hear him suck in a deep breath as she just skims the head of his penis.  She gets to her feet and tells him to stand up.  he does as he's told."turn around" she says"take your pants off"  he does without hesitation. She gives him a playful spank on his ass."good boy""now bend over the bed baby"(he does)"hands behind your back" she secures him with a set of handcuffs."you need to be punished for what you did in the car my bad boy""yes ma'am, i'm sorry ma'am""do you know what you're being punished for?" she asks"for trying to touch you without permission mistress""thats right.  Now, how should I punish you for being a bad boy?"she reaches down and grabs a hold of his balls and pulls just a little.  "will you touch me again without permission my lil slut?""no ma'am""good""now i'm going to put something inside of you and I expect you to leave it there until I tell you otherwise.  Do you understand lil slut?""yes ma'am, I understand"She gently runs her hand all over his ass.  Nicely rubbing it before her finger grazes his opening.'i'll be gentle baby" she says as he feels the cold lube touching his opening.'relax and lean back on it"As he does, he can feel the plug slowly break through his opening.  the plug is small and gentle as she said it was and he takes it all in.With that she gives him a firm spank on his ass cheek and tells him to stand up and get dressed."just your jeans" and she turns and walks away.he follows her out to the kitchen and they fix a couple drinks.  she pulls up the bar stool and sits down.  He can see she's wearing no panties.  He stands in front of her and smiles at her deviously.  "go ahead" she sayshe puts his drink down and gets on his knees in front of her.  He runs his hands up her thighs and spreads her legs wider and pulls her to the edge of the stool.  he gently starts to rub her clit with is thumb.  he runs kisses up and down the inside of her legs to her pelvic bone.  She's getting wet.  He puts a finger inside of her.  she moans her approval and grabs his a handful of his hair with her fingers.  "lick me baby" "yes ma'am"He moves his tongue softly up and down her lips, teasing her with his gentle touch.  he knows this drives her insane.  She pulls him in harder but he grabs her wrists and holds her back.  she squirms in her seat but he stays slow and gentle. "baby....please"she can feel him smile against her skin and he lets go of her wrists and plunges inside of her.  Licking her and sucking her clit.  He slips a finger inside of her and she grabs a hold of his head again and pulls him closer.  he pushes his tongue in her harder and sucks away at her. he can feel her tense. he knows she's close. He pulls away from her.  "please sir, may I cum?""no,人妻无码一区二区三区免费 not yet.....get up and follow me"She does as he says.  He brings her into the bedroom and tells her to bend over the bed. he lifts her skirt up over her ass.  A moment later, she feels cold lube up against her opening.  "its only fair my pet" as he slides the cold plug into her opening."oh baby, i'm going to get you back for this"and with a hard smack to her ass, he pulls her up against his chest and bites her earlobe."perhaps later you will..but for now, i'm in charge" He grabs a hold of her breast and kisses down her neck.  "turn around" he commands.  She does as she's told."on your knees" "open my pants nice and slow and take it out"She grabs the buckle of his belt and begins to undo it slowly.  she pulls his belt from his pants and puts it on the floor beside her.  Then she continues with his button and the zipper on his jeans.  slowly she pulls them down and pulls his hard cock out."suck my cock like a good lil slut"She takes him into her mouth and teases him with her tongue.  he's not having any of that.  He grabs a handful of hair and pulls her in to take him into her mouth.  He holds her there "no teasing baby..take all of me". she nods her understanding and he releases her head.  She continues to suck him.  licking him up and down his shaft.  her hands running up and down his legs and cupping his balls.  She takes him in deep and then to his head.  then he pulls out of her.  "not yet baby" and he does his pants back up.  As he goes to reach for his belt, she grabs his wrist and secures one end of his belt around it.  They struggle for a minute before he allows her to get the other hand behind his back and she secures the belt around both wrists."have you had your fun?""yes ma'am""you should have came while you had a chance" she says with a mischievous giggle.  she pushes him down on the bed and gets his hands above his head and secures his ankles to the restraints on the posts.  she straddles him and gags him.  "lets see how close you can get baby"she grabs his cock with her hands and starts to rub him.  nice and slowly, up and down his shaft.  she leans in and gets so close but never puts her mouth on him as she stroking him.  She strokes him harder and longer.  She cups his balls and teases him.  She strokes him till he is about to cum."you wanna cum baby?""oh yes mistress...please""beg me you bad boy""mistress please, may I come....please"He is so close but she stops stroking him "not yet.  you've been a bad boy"she gets off of him and goes to the dresser.  there she grabs the strap on and puts it on and gets back on the bed.  she crawls up in between his legs and pulls out the plug.  she leans down and starts to suck his cock.  she's not gentle about it.  she's forceful and hard.  She sucks him passionately.  he's so close .  she feels him tense and she pulls away."ohhh please mistress..PLEASE""what's wrong baby???""please let me cum ma'am please""i thought you liked teasing""i'm sorry I teased you ma'am""mmmm, i love it when you beg me baby.  shall I fuck you now and let you cum?""yes, please baby,"She reaches and pulls his legs up..."hang on to your legs...lift your sexy ass"with him still on his back, she grabs the strap on and rubs it on his opening.  She pushes past and inserts it inside of him.  "i want to see you while i'm fucking you...I want to watch you cum on my cock"She pushes into him slowly, gently.  he wraps his legs around her and pulls her closer.  "feel good my good boy?""mmm hmmm fuck me good"she begins to move faster.  she fucks him hard and fast now.  grabs a hold of his cock and starts stroking him.  He's so close.  she can feel him holding back."cum for me baby...cum all over me"She strokes him harder and fucks him faster and points his cock towards her tits."come on my tits baby"  With that, he lets go.  he cums so hard all over her tits and lets out the deepest moan.>>>>>>>>>>>>to be continued>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

老奶奶在不久前参加了PAX East 2022的小组讨论活动,问答环节中她被问到如果B社总监Todd Howard参与这次活动,会对他说什么。老奶奶表示:“‘就嗨’打个招呼这样?不,我会直接向他要游戏,让他快点把《上古卷轴6》做出来。”



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